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PPI Scotland provide a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) reclaim service to Edinburgh. If you live anywhere in the Lothians and feel you may have a PPI Claim, contact PPI Scotland today.

Claiming back PPI – the options explored

There are a few options when it comes to claiming back payment protection insurance (PPI) but with so much media coverage along with stories of people claiming back thousands and thousands in lost cash, it can be a minefield.

Option 1: Claim back PPI yourself

Banks and lenders are actively encouraging customers to claim back PPI themselves, either through media campaigns or through sending a letter. This letter has to be clear and informative, neither should it be full or jargon. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) told banks in 2012 they needed to do this.

Once you have received this letter, inviting you to claim back PPI you have 3 years from the letter date to make a claim – leave it until after this date, and you will not be able to claim.

Option 2: Engage a claims management company to do it on your behalf

Claims management companies are charge fees to make claims on your behalf. There are professional companies that offer a great service for a small fee however, there are also some claims companies who are not as professional and experienced.

It is your choice whether you use a claims management company or not; some will promise that they can get your case resolved quicker than if you did it yourself – this is a myth!

Some people opt to use a claims management company because they have more than one PPI claim or they feel that their financial situation is complex. Using a high quality, professional claims management company such as PPI Scotland will be of benefit to you – and you can chat to us, without obligation.

The process

The process of making a PPI compensation claim has, at its heart, the reason or reasons why you feel you were mis-sold the payment protection insurance policy in the first place. The onus is on the consumer to PROVE they were mis-sold PPI.
There are many mis-selling reasons, for example...

  • You were self-employed, retired or a student at the time you were ‘sold’ the policy
  • You were advised to take out the policy but were not given a printed letter of explanation
  • The limited terms and conditions were not fully explained to you such as pre-existing medical conditions are not covered under the policy
  • The term of the PPI policy did not cover the entire term of the loan; in other words, the PPI ran for 5 years but your loan for 7 years

You will to make sure you explain these reasons fully in your letter of complaint.
Here at PPI Scotland, we have helped hundreds of people from across Scotland to get back every penny of PPI compensation that they are entitled to.

If you think you are owed PPI, why not contact us – you are under no obligation. Talk to one of our friendly, professional customer advisers today!

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