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If you have payment protection insurance (PPI) on an of your financial products and live in Scotland, then you can engage the services of one of Scotland’s leading claims management companies, PPI Scotland.

What is PPI and why is it such a problem?

PPI is an insurance premium that, in the event you were too ill to work or lost your job, would keep up repayments on your debt on your behalf. It is possible to have one, over-arching policies that cover all your debts, an insurance policy that many people invest in.

It sounds and looks like an advantageous policy to have but the problem with PPI was that banks and lenders mis-sold the policy to thousands of customers.

Why was it mis-sold?

The selling practices have been called into question – sales of PPI were target driven, with regional sales teams and managers under pressure to meet these targets. Likewise, many customer advisers were paid on commission basis, thus surpassing these targets brought great financial rewards – healthy commission for employees and large profits for banks.

The focus on the customer was lost?

Yes it was. As a result, customers were ‘sold’ a PPI policy that was not suitable or fit for purpose. Many customers, on reading the very small print, realised that they were effectively excluded from cover – such as with a pre-existing medical condition or were self employed.

Also, it has been found that customers were paying over the odds for the policy. Like all insurance policies, it pays to shop around and the same is true for PPI. The more the policy does and covers, the more expensive it will be.

However, on examination, the PPI policy offered very little in the way of cover but some customers were charged a high premium each month. For those who had PPI on credit card balances, the premium was often charged as a percentage figure of the monthly balance owing. This, over a long period of time cost the customer a large amount of money each month.

Making a claim – straightforward and simple?

In theory, it should be. The onus, however, is on the customer to prove that there were mis-sold PPI on their loan etc. Whilst this may seem a daunting task, a high quality reputable company such as PPI Scotland can help you – from you initial letter of complaint asking for PPI compensation, through the final stages of the offer and acceptance.

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