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If you live in Scotland and want to make a PPI Claim, PPI Scotland can help you today.

Sounds complicated? It really is not difficult or hard to claim back the money from your bank or lender when it comes to mis-sold payment protection insurance. Look at this one example...
“I get confused with this talk of proving and claiming back PPI. I have had a substantial loan in the past which I have only just finished paying off. There seems to be some type of insurance attached to it but I am really not sure what it is. It is with a major UK bank but I completed the application online. I did not speak to anyone at the bank about any of it. I completed the form, pressed the button and within a week I had the money in the account.

So, how do I know this is PPI and whether it was mis-sold to me or not?”

Enquiries similar to this come in to us here every day at PPI Scotland. With the advent of the Internet, many loans and credit card purchases were made over the web, with very little if any discussion with an actual person. If you situation is similar to this, consider the following:

In order to mis-selling, you do not have to have spoken to a bank representative. A common mis-selling reason for online loan or credit card applications was that the magic box which said something along the lines of ‘I want payment protection insurance’ was already ticked. This coupled with the very small print it often appeared at the very end of the agreement and was not a place that customers frequently scrolled down to!

The Financial Services Ombudsman, along with several reviews, has indicated that this is mis-selling. Customers should not have to opt out but rather, opt in. This practice has now stopped and any optional extras required the customer to tick the box.

PPI or payment protection insurance is a generic name for an insurance policy that covers the customer in the event they are unable to meet repayments on their loan etc. due to illness, redundancy or unemployment. Different lenders gave it a different name. It will be shown on your statements sometimes as an additional amount per month.

However, that said, many online applications required the policy premium to be paid as one lump sum. This is known as a single premium policy and added significant cost to a loan. This practice has also been stopped but because monthly premiums did not show up on statements, some customers think they did not have PPI.

Still not sure?

It is understandable. With all the media articles, it can be easy to think that claiming back PPI is hard! If you live in Scotland and have a loan, credit card, mortgage or store cards etc. with any major bank or lender, then you may be entitled to PPI compensation. PPI Scotland offers an exclusive, comprehensive service to Scottish customers. They do charge a fee for their service but all terms and conditions will be explained to you – letting you make an informed choice!

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